Will Clark's The Thrill Wine

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2018 was one of the greatest vintages to come out of Napa in over 2 decades.  A long balanced season offered some of the longest hang times anyone has ever worked with. The wine is a small production 100 percent cab sauvignon from one single French Oak Barrel which came from our Rutherford vineyards.  

Both the single clone 169 and the western benchlands for which these grapes are grown bring great amazing depth and region to the bottle. A supple elegance with powerful structure makes this wine's ageability amazing and yet in its youth it shows amazing approachability. 

The integration of new French oak offers a lushes undertone of toast and baking spice. Grant Long Jr owner of Aonair Wine (aonairwine.com) is a respected winemaker in the Napa valley we appreciate what he does with his own brands and decided to partner to create a spectacular wine from a spectacular vintage.