Frequently Asked Questions - Legends Entertainment Group

How Does the Process Work?

Occasionally LEG clients already know who they want to secure or work with, but for the most part our clients provide us with initiative details (i.e. scope, budget, player responsibilities, etc.) which allows us to cultivate a list of talent that best align with the goals of the program.  One of our team members will submit the focused list of recommendations for consideration and review. From there a top choice is selected and an official offer is presented. Once an offer is accepted, next steps succinctly include contracts, coordinating travel arrangements and managing media availabilities where applicable, preparing the talent for the initiative and handling all payment and tax-related items.

What’s Included?

When talent is secured through LEG for an initiative, your company or brand will obtain the rights to utilize the talent’s name, image and likeness during the term of the agreement for use in advertising and promotional materials in conjunction with your initiative. While we cannot grant the rights to use any MLB marks or logos affiliated with any team the talent is or was associated with, we can assist you in obtaining those rights through the proper channels and/or identify creative ways to maximize visibility and promotion for your initiative without incurring additional costs related to securing these rights.

How Does LEG Know What the Players Charge?

Generally, appearance/booking fees are determined by the players. Since there are a wide variety of ways a player can be integrated into a marketing initiative (ex. public appearance, hospitality, influencer/social media campaign, endorsement, content, media tour) and therefore countless ways for their value to be determined, our collective experience and expertise in our industry allows us to provide clients with timely and accurate fee quotes. With access to over 5,000 retired players LEG can identify a player that fits almost any budget or parameter.

Can LEG Secure Athletes from Other Sports?

Through our relationships with the fellow alumni associations for the National Football League, National Basketball Association and National Hockey League as well as our cultivated network of various industry professionals we are able to provide our clients with nearly unbridled access to legends from the other major North American sports leagues for integration into various initiatives.

What’s LEG’s Relationship to MLB and the MLB Players Association?

MLBPAA and its subsidiaries have cultivated a strong relationship with Major League Baseball and the Players Association over the years and it has never been stronger than it is currently. MLBPAA is recognized by MLB and MLBPA as the official organization for the retired MLB player. 

Can I Secure a Current Player Through Your Group?

While LEG’s number one priority is securing paid opportunities for the former MLB players, our relationships with the agencies who represent current MLB players put us in a strong position to provide seamless access to the active players for integration into your company or brand’s initiative.